About Us


Welcome Soweto School Of Music (WESSOM), is a music school which was founded in 1999 by Innocent Mandla Ngwane, a graduate from the University Of Witwatersrand School Of Music. His passion for teaching music education landed him with various part time jobs at Institutions of Learning and Training. These include the former Johannesburg College of Education, Raucall, Dockay House, Fuba Academy, Samet STD Bank (Alexandra) and Maryvale College. This experience gave birth to WESSOM, as it is affectionately known and has been abbreviated since 1999. It was then registered as a non-profit organization under Section 21 Act in May 2000.

Mr Innocent Ngwane

Mission And Vision

WESSOM'S purpose/main business is to manage and conduct a school of music, and generally promote the artistic, educational and recreational values relating to music. This school brings balance and redress particularly in the previously disadvantaged communities through music education and life skills. Since its inception it has been able to make an impact on children of Soweto and has spread to surrounding towns.

School Motto

Udlale Ungadlali